Friday, 1 December 2017

Woodlands North - Basic Structure Completion

The Woodlands North station is on track to achieve the Basic Structure Completion (BSC) by year end as scheduled, a milestone concluding the main civil & structural reinforced concrete works. The BSC also governs the necessary waterproofing, temporary lighting, drainage and general housekeeping to be in place for the safety of the system wide contractors (SWCs) to commence the architectural and M&E works.

Structural works are in progress for the 2 entrances as well as the north crossover tunnel. Backfilling works progress across the south crossover tunnel and launch shaft area. A second stage of earthworks have commenced by the authorities east to the T202 site in preparation of business, industrial and commercial developments around the station, including the upcoming JBRTS complex.

Completed structure of the Woodlands North station
Platform of Woodlands North station
Backfilling works over launch shaft and south crossover tunnel
Entrance C

Roof opening at the south end of the station for the escape staircase and tunnel ventilation portals
Falsework around the external walls around the north end of the station, the last stretch of structural works for the station

Earthworks in progress for the 35m hill east of the site

South crossover tunnel structural works

RC works on the tunnel walls are in progress. The roof structure should be completed by the next quarter.

The overrun tunnel structure along the Changi Bound tunnel will facilitate the connection between the TEL and the future JBRTS. 

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