Wednesday 22 April 2015

Gardens By The Bay D-walls (II)

Concluding our first quarter updates for the Thomson Line at the Gardens by the Bay station, D-walling works on the station box continues while ground improvement work commences at entrance C beside the Marina Barrage. Nishimatsu has affirmed with us the order of a single Hitachi Zosen EPB TBM for the T228 project which will be driven across the Marina Channel. Works have yet to commence on the GBME retrieval shaft.

Gardens By The Bay Station

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Marina South - Deep Cement Mixing (II)

The cut and cover tunnel to Gardens by the Bay which have been hoarded up, now elongates the worksite boundaries of the T227 project parallel to the Marina Coastal Expressway. Deep Cement Mixing is taking place along the C&C site, in addition to the existing ground improvement works being done at the Marina South Station.

Southern boundary of the C&C tunnel site; Aerial view of the T227 project
Northern boundary of the C&C tunnel site

Monday 20 April 2015

Marina Bay D-walls (II)

Works on the diaphragm wall continues around the Marina Bay station box. Hoardings for the project boundary have been extended along the existing North South Line ventilation buildings, up to the Marina One project site. This is for the construction of the future linkway to the NSL.

Numerous fissure grouting points are scattered across the site as ground improvement works continue.

D-walling at T226 Marina Bay

Sunday 19 April 2015

Shenton Way D-walls (II)

The project team at Shenton Way has closed the section of Park Street behind Asia Square to facilitate the Diaphragm wall works for the station box. Several modifications have been made to Marina View to maintain traffic access to Tower 2 of Asia Square.

Excavation of the temporary culvert beneath the linear park is complete, while works are still on going at the southern section near the interface of the station box. D-walling works continue at the launch shaft.

Closed section of Park Street
Modifications to traffic access at Tower 2

Saturday 18 April 2015

Maxwell D-walls (II)

The carpark at Maxwell FC was closed last month and will only be reinstated at the end of the project. Meanwhile, the reconfigured carpark at Sago Lane had reopened in the 1st quarter. D-walling works continue at the station box.

Friday 17 April 2015

Outram Park Hoards Up

Hoardings have started to come up around the surface of the existing Outram Park EWL station and Outram Road. A section of the iconic red covered walkway linking Pearls Centre to the EWL station has also been closed and demolished. D-walling works continue at the station.

The temporary POB across Outram Road is structurally completed and is slated to be operational by the end of the month. The temporary bridge will be accompanied by an elevator on both ends to provide barrier free access from the existing MRT station to the HSA and SGH. The existing bridge will then be demolished.

Across the road, several silos and a piling rig have been positioned at the HSA where 6m high hoardings have been installed.

Hoardings around Outram Road as well as the HSA
Temporary POB awaiting to be commissioned

Thursday 16 April 2015

Piling at Havelock (II)

Piling works continue at the Havelock site. A temporary retaining wall has been created to counter the uneven terrain between the HDB flats and Zion Road. The piling rigs are situated on the higher elevation next to the flats.

A rectangular CREG TBM will be utilized to construct the pedestrian underpass between the station and the entrances at Havelock Road. DCM works have commenced across Havelock Road where the launch shaft for the TBM is to be located.

Retaining wall between the hilly terrain and the road level

Wednesday 15 April 2015

NFM TBM - Factory Acceptance

Representatives from John-Holland, the Land Transport Authority, NFM Technologies and subsidiary NHI were recently present for the inspection of the first T208 Slurry TBM in China. The machine has successfully passed the factory acceptance test after 2 days of evaluation.

This is the first of 3 Slurry TBMs under T208 that will be launched from the Tagore Cut and Cover site. The machine is making its way to Singapore and tunnelling works for the Thomson Line should commence by the middle of this year.

Factory acceptance for the T208 Slurry TBM in LJH's livery (Photo cr: NHI)
Flags of the countries of the 4 representatives are hung above the backup gantries
Slurry Treatment Plant assembled by Pigott Shaft Drilling at the Tagore site (Cr: PSD, March 2015)

Friday 10 April 2015

Great World D-walls (II)

D-walling works continues at the Great World site. The diaphragm wall works have now commenced on the north launch shaft (towards Orchard) in addition to the south launch shaft that had commenced a few months earlier. West of the T220 site, the Stamford Diversion Canal project is progressing ahead of the MRT project with the culvert excavated and a section of the roof already constructed.

The pedestrian pavement linking Great World City to Kim Seng Park behind Centennia Suites was closed in February for the canal project.

Aerial view of the Great World site

Sunday 5 April 2015

Orchard D-walls

Earth retaining structural works for the new Orchard Station have just commenced this week. 3 machines for the D-walling are currently on the site. 2 grabs are now excavating the D-wall for the launch shaft as well as part of the station. Behind them, a hydraulic cutter is on standby to take over and excavate the rocks that will be encountered in the panel closer to the formation level.

A single Herrenknecht slurry TBM (S-963) will be launched from the shaft and execute 2 drives towards Orchard Boulevard to complete both bored tunnels. Load tests are being carried out across the station footprint, while SI and site clearing works have started in front of ION Residences.

D-walling of the launch shaft (extreme left of the picture)

Friday 3 April 2015

Orchard Boulevard - Preparations to Divert

D-walling works continue at the Orchard Boulevard station. A minor road diversion for Grange Road is being prepared and will be implemented in about 2 weeks time. The diversion is necessary for the construction of the Diaphragm wall beneath part of the existing road.

North of the station, a road diversion has taken place in front of the Hotel Jen (former Traders Hotel) by the unrelated PUB Stamford Diversion Canal Phase II project. This is another infrastructural project taking place concurrent with the construction of the Thomson Line, with the second interface at Great World.

Preparations to divert Grange Road (foreground)

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Napier - Preparations to Divert

Canal diversion works have been on going at the Napier site for the past 2 months. The realigned canal will be rerouted towards the south, away from the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Preparatory work for the first traffic diversion - which will run parallel to the realigned canal, have also commenced and should be implemented by the end of this quarter. Piling works continue on Gleneagles side.

It is noteworthy that the TBM from the unrelated SPPA EW2 transmission cable tunnel project has reached the west end of the T217 site and will spend the next month or 2 tunnelling down Holland/Napier Road, perpendicularly beneath the proposed Napier station box. This is one of 3 sites whereby the TEL & cable tunnel project boundaries interface - the other 2 being Upper Thomson and Springleaf.

March 30 - Canal Diversion to the right of the picture which cuts into a portion of the launch shaft outline