Thursday, 28 December 2017

Marina South Cast (IV)

RC works for the internal structure of the station continues up to the roof slab. The TBM has completed the Woodlands bound drive to Marina Bay and reassembly works for the Changi bound drive have begun with the dismantling of the backup gantries & assembly of the heavy lift crawler crane on site. The relaunch of the TBM is scheduled next quarter - the 2nd last to be facilitated along the TEL1-3.

Marina South station
Grouting works at entrance B
Cover for cutterhead and tail shield exposed
Launch shaft. Backup gantries being removed (left) from the completed Woodlands bound tunnel
Assembly of heavy lift crane
Delivery of counterweights

RC columns up to the roof slab

Roof slab completed between GL5-10 & S1 struts removed

Excavation works completed to platform level around GL12-15 at ventilation area. 

Linkway to entrance D & vent shaft 4
Rebar installation for internal walls at the linkway

Station overview
Cut and cover tunnel site

Backfilling works progresses over completed roof slab

De-strutting works
Removal of king post & backfilling to ground level
Temporary staging access structure for trackworks
Portal access to the Woodlands & Changi bound trackway at the cripple siding tunnel

Pipe pile construction at the crossover tunnel interface at T228

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