Wednesday 2 May 2018

Restructuring of Updates

The routine quarterly aerial photography updates that formed the main content eminent with the construction blog will cease to continue. The decision has been mutually agreed upon with the Land Transport Authority in early April due to regulatory issues with associated government agencies. The civil & structural completion of majority of the stations and tunnels at this stage, which the blog has intended to fulfill, has been factored into this decision as well.

The corporate communications group in LTA has provided great correspondence and extended continuous support over the last 2 years, complementing the quarterly updates with internal photographs, and reciprocating information with the project teams on the ground. This will continue in a restructured consolidated quarterly update of the 25 contracts on the blog, intended to be posted at the end of the month following each Quarter. In addition to the aforementioned, a greater detail to the progress documentation will be followed up for 2 key projects along the line - T216 and T225.