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Issue with construction works ongoing throughout the night

We have received numerous feedbacks with regards to construction works being carried out late into the night, with noise pollution affecting the rest hours of residents within the vicinity of the construction sites.

The works currently being done at the station, known as the construction of the retaining wall for the Earth Retaining Stabilizing Structure (ERSS), is a 24-hour process which creates the perimeter of the station box that is to be subsequently excavated. The retaining wall is usually constructed by bored piles or diaphragm wall.

While the trench of the pile or d-wall is being excavated, a bentonite fluid supports the interior of the trench until the point of casting. This delicate construction process requires caution and constant attention to prevent a collapse of the ERSS until it is fully interlocked and completed.

The construction of the retaining wall is the only exception set aside to allow noise-generating construction works to carry out through the night. Acoustic barriers have been fitted onto most of the rigs that produce such noise, in addition to sound barriers and hoardings around the site perimeter. For majority of the sites, the retaining wall works for the Thomson Line are expected to carry on throughout the entire 2015, and into mid 2016.

Upon completion of the retaining wall, noise generated from the site will be greatly reduced and repeated traffic diversions will cease until the end of the project timeline. Do contact the PR officers from the relevant projects directly should you have an enquiry that requires immediate attention to be looked into - as we do not work with the authority.

More information on the D-wall construction methodology is provided in the video below.

April 15 2015

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