Saturday, 2 December 2017

Woodlands Cast (V)

The first section of the roof slab has been cast and reinforcement works for the second zone has almost been completed in preparations of the second pour. Casting works are ongoing at the entrances and crossover tunnel. 2 steel beam launching works for the NSL paid linkway was carried out over the last 2 months.

T203 Woodlands Station with roof slab completed around GL14-18
Reinforcement for concourse slab over crossover tunnel leading to entrance E&F

Entrance F structure to roof completed
Entrance G base slab cast. Exterior wall formwork installed

NSL paid linkway
Twin steel girders installed

Paid transfer at TEL - waterproofing to basement roof slab
Linkway to bus interchange

Reinforcement for second cast at GL10-14
GL14-18 Roof slab completed, S1 strut removed
GL18-24 casting up to roof level

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