Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Great World Cast (IV)

Reassembly of the 2 Herrenknecht machines took place this quarter, nearly a year after the initial 2 launches were carried out. EPBM S-945 commenced on its initial drive back to Orchard, while the mixshield has almost completed assembly works and would begin excavation works next month. RC works are in progress at the station and entrances, with pipe jacking works at the subway beneath Kim Seng Road set to commence next month.

Entrance B & subway link roof slab cast
TBM S-945 initial drive on Changi bound tunnel towards Orchard

TBM S-946 assembly almost completed for the Changi bound tunnel to Havelock

Pipe roof construction for the subway to entrance C/E to commence next month
Entrance C roof slab construction
Pipe jacking mechanism installation 

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