Tuesday 1 August 2017

August Tunnel Progress

The 2km long twin tunnels between Springleaf station and the RTS Facility Building have completed under the T207 project. These are the longest single mainline tunnel drives achieved under the MRT construction since the Circle Line 4 project a decade ago. TBM 2 brokethrough the facility building overnight (Jul 31), while TBM 1 completed the Woodlands bound tunnel on July 9.

Together with the completion of TBM C2 at Springleaf under the T208 project, bored tunnelling works are officially completed under the Civil Team 1 projects. With 4 TBM drives completed in July, 6 TBMs remain between 5XO and Caldecott station under Stage 2 of the line.

Envisaged completion for remaining 6 TBMs under TEL2:
T209 TBM 1/2 - Q4 2017
T211 TBM 1 - Sep 2017
T212 TBM 1 - Q4 2017
T212 TBM 2/3 - Q1 2018

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, July 2017
T207: TBM 1 breakthrough at Facility Building on July 9 (Photo: Raju)