Saturday 30 November 2013

Contract Awards - T202 & T217

Yesterday the Land Transport Authority announced the final civil contract awards for the Thomson Line (TSL) due this year - contracts T202 and T217. Contract T202 is for the construction of Woodlands North station with over-run tracks and bored tunnels to Woodlands interchange. There will be a scissors crossover before the station as well. This contract was awarded to Penta-Ocean Construction Ltd who is currently building Bendemeer station on Downtown Line 3 (DTL3).

Artist's impression of the entrance at Woodlands North station. There will be two exits and multiple knock out panels here.
The interior of Woodlands North is spacious, with lots of escalators to cater for crowds accessing the JB RTS system.

Contract T217 is for the in-house designed Napier station at the junction of Napier and Cluny Roads. This contract involves construction of the stacked side station with two entrances and stacked bored tunnels to Orchard Boulevard station. Sinohydro Co has received the award and this will be the first time they are involved in an MRT project here in Singapore. Their previous track record lies in Guangzhou and Tianjin in China.

A view of the entrance outside Gleneagles Hospital.
Napier station will see the concourse and upper platform (South-bound) sharing the same level. The lower platform is 2 levels down.
That concludes the expected awards for this year, though LTA may continue to award other contracts next month. For now, here is a recap of the contracts and the companies awarded for the civil construction thus far:

T201 - Jurong Primewide
T202 - Penta-Ocean
T203 - GS E&C
T205 - Woh Hup Pte Ltd
T206 - Shanghai Tunneling Engineering Company
T208 - Leighton - John Holland JV
T209 - China Railway No 5 Engineering
T210 - Gammon Construction
T212 - Sato Kogyo
T213 - Samsung C&T
T217 - Sinohydro

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Outram Park Pre-Construction

Outram Park has changed over the last 20-odd years since the first works for the MRT in Singapore began. In the 80's, work began on construction for the original network with the East-West Line (EWL) being built. In the 90's, work on the North-East Line (NEL) commenced. The decade of the 2000s saw the area being given a break from all rail construction work. 

Now in the 2010's, the Thomson Line (TSL) is set to open up the area once again as the Outram Park interchange is built. Along with the TSL station, major modification works to the existing EWL and NEL stations will be done, including extensive re-configuration of the transfer linkways. Here are some photos before any works commence on the site.

24 March 2013

Friday 15 November 2013

Contract Awards - T208 & T212

The LTA has awarded two contracts for the Thomson Line (TSL) today - T208 for construction of Springleaf station and T212 for construction of Upper Thomson station. T208 is awarded to the Leighton-John Holland Joint Venture (currently doing C935 Jalan Besar station on DTL3). T212 is awarded to Sato Kogyo (currently doing C928 Bedok North, C932 Mattar and C936 Bencoolen stations on DTL3). Also issued were some renders of the stations.


View of the entrance at Springleaf station
Platform view at Springleaf station

Upper Thomson

View of the entrance of Upper Thomson station
Platform view at Upper Thomson

Construction begins in the first quarter of 2014 for completion in mid-2020.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Caldecott station Pre-Construction

Here are some photos of Caldecott station before it gets torn up again to make way for the Thomson Line construction. Expect more development in this area by the time the Thomson Line is up and running.

01 October 2013

Maxwell station Pre-Construction

Here are some photos of the area where Maxwell station will be located currently. This sight is set to change once construction of the station commences. At present, advanced sewer diversion works are underway to facilitate the construction of Maxwell station, which will be one of four stacked stations along the Thomson Line route.

30 October 2013

Tunnel Chart for TSL

Here's the tunnel chart organised into two sheets - stage 1 and 2, and stage 3. The exact number for T206 is not known at the moment. A total of 36 TBMs (excluding T206) are set be procured for the entire TSL.

Disclosed Acronyms:
SBAB - Sembawang Airbase
TGR - Tagore
5XO - TS05 Crossover
ULS - Upper Thomson Launch Shaft