Friday 13 October 2017

Gardens By The Bay Cast (III)

Casting of the station structure is progressing at the concourse level up to the basement roof slab.

T228 Gardens By The Bay Station

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Marina South Cast (III)

Excavation works for the station zone adjacent to the cut and cover tunnel are progressing down to the formation level. The first completed portion at the center of the station sees the structure cast all the way up to the basement roof slab. Bored tunnelling works on the Woodlands bound drive is on its main drive with a third of the progress completed.

Marina Mall was diverted at the T228 interface at the end of Q3 for the cut and cover tunnel construction adjoining the Gardens By The Bay Station. Backfilling works across the completed portion of the C&C tunnel are underway.

Structure progressing at Marina South

Monday 9 October 2017

Marina Bay Cast (IV)

Excavation and casting works have reached the lowest point of the station's structure at the platform level. Casting of the paid linkway roof and entrance substructures are ongoing.

T226 Marina Bay Station

Sunday 8 October 2017

Shenton Way Excavation (III)

Bored tunnelling works between Marina Bay and Shenton Way stations have completed with the second and final drive of TBM 2 docking at the upper platform of the station. FSC works have commenced for the lower tunnel. The porous geological conditions around the former shoreline beneath Shenton Way has created an ongoing challenge for TBM 1 since its launch in April, which has progressed little since its main drive conversion.

Bulk of the station's structure has reached the under-lower platform level, with a final zone of excavation works due for completion within a month. Excavation and shoring works have commenced at entrance C.

Completion of 144-bored pile linkway between the station, entrance C and Asia Square

Friday 6 October 2017

Maxwell Cast (II)

The final portion of roof slab across the center zone of the station is being cast. Structure of the station has reached the concourse and upper platform levels at the south and north end respectively.

T223 Maxwell Station

Thursday 5 October 2017

Outram Park Excavation (III)

Excavation works across the network of new unpaid and paid linkway are progressing across the site. The project's second and final TBM relaunch took place at the end of Q3 for the Changi bound tunnel drive towards Havelock.

T222 Outram Park

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Havelock Excavation (IV)

Excavation works are nearing the formation level beneath the S7 level and should complete by the end of the year. The excavation works for entrance D have also commenced, the last of the 5 entrances to be constructed.

Havelock Station fully strutted down to the formation level in preparations for the bottom-up construction

Monday 2 October 2017

Great World Cast (III)

Excavation works have reached the formation level and the first zone of the station's underplatform level is being prepared for casting. Casting of the internal structure and external walls will proceed from here.

The first drives of both TBM S-945 & S-946 have completed and the replacement TBM shields have arrived at the site of both launch shafts in preparations for the relaunch.

T220 Great World station

Sunday 1 October 2017

Orchard Cast (IV)

The concourse and platform slabs of the station have been completed, and works on the lowest platform link level which will connect to the NSL station are in progress. Excavation works have completed at entrance B, and the roof structure of the cripple siding tunnel is mostly completed. Bored tunnel works from the 2nd drive are 75% completed with completion due next month, and the Stage 7 TD for the final stretch of underpass bored piling & excavation works to entrance C beneath Paterson Road is being prepared for implementation in the next quarter.

Orchard Station & Cripple Siding C&C tunnel site