Monday, 4 December 2017

Mainline Trackworks

Trackworks at the depot have been ongoing for over a year now, with majority of the works mostly completed across the depot. CTCI has begun taking over access along the completed portions of tunnel between T206-T208, with trackworks commencing along the reception tunnels 1&2 towards Sembawang Airbase. The permanent tunnel structure within the launch shafts are being constructed over as a conclusion to the civil works.

Mandai Depot
Tunnel ventilation fan building
Load center 1 connected to the main workshop via and overhead bridge
Trackworks in progress leading to the main workshop
Main workshop steel structural works
Staging area
Permanent way workshop

66KV Substation
Depot perimeter access road being constructed
Test track leading towards the locomotive workshop and test track control
Twin trainwash buildings

Depot overview
Trackworks leading to the stabling yard
Bus depot
Steel structural works for the rail administration building

Construction of the bus administration & maintenance building and the 22KV substation at the south end of the depot
Backfilling progress across Sembawang Airbase C&C

Roof slab completed at LS4 (T207 interface)
Roof slab constructed at LS3
Water proofing works underway prior to backfill

LS1 & LS2 site
Roof slab and tunnel wall construction at LS1 along RT3. The construction of the escape shaft (ES1) will commence now.
Dismantling of STP underway
Gantry crane at LS2 dismantled
Tunnel wall/roof structure being constructed over the Woodlands & Changi bound tunnels at LS2
A new BTO public housing project will be due for construction in the plot of empty hill south of the MRT site

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