Saturday 29 March 2014

Woodlands South - It's Beginning

Continuing on from the previous update, we have a closer look at the WDS site today. The silos which were seen last month have now been hoisted up while site clearing is still in progress. The actual station box will sit beneath the existing Avenue 1/Dr 16 junction, to the bottom right of the picture.

Silos in yellow erected at WDS

Monday 24 March 2014

Upper Thomson Clears

We look at Contract T212 which oversees the construction of Upper Thomson station as well as twin bored tunnels between UTS and CDT stations. About 1/3 of the marked trees to be cleared have already been chopped, while utility diversions are still underway as of today.

More information will be released upon commencement of construction. T212 will see the construction of 2 main C&C structures - Upper Thomson Station (UTS) and Upper Thomson Launch Shaft (ULS). The launch shaft will be an isolated structure built between UTS and Caldecott stations, located directly beneath the existing Upper Thomson Road, in front of Shunfu Gardens. A road diversion within the next few months would be necessary to facilitate the shaft and subsequently tunnel works. A single TBM will launch twice from ULS to UTS while 2 TBMs bore towards CDT. The site office is being constructed infront of Shunfu Estate.

Railings along the centre divider being demolished

Saturday 1 March 2014

Works begin - Mayflower

Works have commenced at the site of Mayflower station with contractor for T210 - Gammon Construction - moving machinery on site. Currently, a test pile is being constructed and this marks the initial stage of construction ahead of further site clearing, construction of the earth retaining system and subsequent construction of the station superstructure. Gammon's site office has also been completed and works will begin in earnest soon.

A Gammon banner can be seen on the crane to the left.