Sunday 22 February 2015

Demolishment of Golden Bridge

Today marks the end of the Lunar New Year holiday during which demolishment works for the Golden Bridge over Shenton Way were scheduled and spearheaded by STEC and the Land Transport Authority from the T225 project. This is the 3rd overhead pedestrian bridge to be removed for the Thomson Line works. A separate project will oversee the construction of a replacement bridge that will link OUE Downtown & V on Shenton in 2017.

Shenton Way will reopen to public from tomorrow. Photos in this update were taken by Project Director Khor of STEC.

Saturday 7 February 2015

Tunnel Boring Machines for Thomson Line

Tunnelling works for the Thomson Line are set to commence around the middle of this year and envisaged to take about 42 calender months to complete, by end-2018. A total of 7 manufacturers will be involved in supplying 38 tunnel boring machines (TBM) for constructing the 60 bored tunnels spanning between Woodlands North and Marina East at Gardens by the Bay under the Thomson Line project.

Non Circular TBMs
A rectangular TBMs will be used for the construction of the pedestrian underpasses at Stevens and Havelock under the T216 and T221 projects. A second open shield rectangular TBM will be used for the construction of the temporary adits at Marina Bay under T226.

TEL Stage 1 and 2 maineline tunnel chart
TEL Stage 3 mainline tunnel chart

Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Kawasaki has a great reputation with proven track record of the reliable and quality TBMs produced. Their machines are favored in operations by many, especially in Singapore where 35 machines have already been procured. 10 machines had been used under the Downtown Line, with another 7 participating in the SP transmission cable tunnel project. The latest order of 6 slurry TBMs will be used for the Thomson Line project.

T202 - 2 Slurry shield TBMs
T211 - 4 Slurry shield TBMs

Hitachi Zosen Corporation
Hitachi Zosen is the only manufacturer to have been involved in every rail project leading up to now. They have been involved in C104 and C105 tunnelling between Somerset and Novena stations on the North South Line during the initial start up of the MRT network in Singapore. Their machines went on to to be used under C705, C708, C823, C828 & C920 of the North East, Circle and Downtown Lines. Another 6 machines are currently being used under the SP transmission cable tunnel project. An EPBM will be supplied to T228 for the construction of tunnels across the Marina Reservoir. 

T228 - 1 Earth Pressure Balance TBM

Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co
Main contractor Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co (STEC) expertise in manufacturing their own TBMs for the tunnel projects they undertake. 7 earth pressure balance (EPB) machines have been used under C902, C923A and C926 of the Downtown Line. Another 5 EPBMs will be brought in for their T206 and T225 projects.

T206 - 3 Earth Pressure Balance TBMs
T225 - 2 Earth Pressure Balance TBMs

China Railway Engineering Group
China Railway Engineering Group (CREG), together with main contractor China Railway No.5 Engineering Group (CR5) are subsidiaries of parent China Railway Group Limited. The affiliated company will supply CR5 2 Slurry TBMs for their inaugural use in Singapore. An EPB TBM will also be supplied to Sinohydro/Sembcorp for the Marina South project. In addition, 2 EPB rectangular TBMs will be manufactured for the underpass construction at Stevens and Havelock.

T209 - 2 Slurry shield TBMs
T227 - 1 Earth Pressure Balance TBM
T216/T221 - 1 Rectangular EPBM

Japan Tunnel System Corporation
Japan Tunnel System Corporation (JTSC) is the newest growing competitor in the market. The company was established in 2010 with the merger of shield tunnelling expertise between Ishikawa Jima - Harinna Heavy Industries (IHI Corporation) and JFE Engineering, with the former having previously manufactured 4 EPBMs for C710 of the North East Line between Harbourfront and Chinatown stations. 7 new machines will be used under Stage 1 and 2 of the Thomson Line.

T207 - 4 Earth Pressure Balance TBMs
T212 - 3 Slurry shield TBMs
T226 - 1 Open Shield Rectangular TBM

NFM Technologies
Neyrpic Framtome Mécanique (NFM) Technologies is a French manufacturer which specialize in manufacturing numerous engineering equipment ranging throughout several industries, including underground work. 7 Slurry Shield TBMs and 2 EPBMs will be manufactured and delivered for the Thomson Line project. 

T208 - 3 Slurry shield TBMs
T216 - 4 Slurry shield TBMs 
T222 - 2 Earth Pressure Balance TBMs

Herrenknecht AG
Being a pioneer in constructing modern underground Singapore, the German manufacturer has extensive experience in facilitating the machinery for bored tunnelling works here. A combination of 34 EPB & Slurry machines (including 1 micro TBM) had been delivered for the North East, Circle and Downtown Line projects alone, with several other machines utilized in phase 1 of the Deep Tunnel Sewage System (DTSS), as well as the ongoing SPPA transmission cable tunnel project. 6 Slurry mixshields and an EPBM have been ordered for the Thomson Line project.

T206 - 2 Slurry shield TBMs
T215 - 1 Slurry shield TBM
T217 - 1 Slurry shield TBM
T219 - 1 Slurry shield TBM
T220 - 1 EPBM & 1 Slurry shield TBM