Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Marina Bay Excavation (V)

Excavation works continue towards the formation level at the lower underplatform level. JGP works are taking place beneath the NSL and CCL tunnels, prior to the commencement of ground freezing and the subsequent SCL construction of the twin mainline stacked mined tunnels next quarter.

Marina Bay Station
Entrance B casting of internal structure works at concourse level up to ground level

Vent shaft
Linkway works
Casting of Entrance A concourse slab above CCL paid linkway
Concourse slab cast over CCL unpaid linkway
CCL linkway overview
NSL paid link roof slab cast

Tunnel ventilation & ECS alterations at the NSL platform
A&A works started for the hacking works at the NSL concourse

Overview of NSL linkway, LS4 & MS1
Entrance C RC works

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