Wednesday 30 December 2015

Maxwell Diverts

The diaphragm wall construction progresses to the next phase following the diversion of South Bridge Road & Neil Road last month.

Diversion of South Bridge Road (implemented on Nov 22)

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Outram Park D-walls (II)

Works on the diaphragm wall and bored pile continues at the Outram Park station and linkway. Excavation and shoring works have also commenced at both launch shafts. The 3rd project information center for the Thomson-East Coast Line's civil team 4 has opened to public at the project office here.

Monday 28 December 2015

Piling at Havelock (V)

Piling works continue at the Havelock station. Excavation is ongoing for the launching shaft for the rectangular TBM as well as the adjacent entrance E. Preparations are underway for the realignment of Havelock Road which will be implemented around February.

Excavation of the launch shaft and entrance E

Sunday 27 December 2015

Great World D-walls (V)

Construction of the diaphragm wall is nearing completion at the Great World station. Both launch shafts have commenced excavation and shoring works, and Herrenknecht's slurry treatment plant is being assembled for the mix-ground tunnel drive to Havelock.

Commencement of excavation at the north and south launch shafts

Saturday 26 December 2015

Orchard D-walls (IV)

A part of the Overseas Family School has completed demolishment works and earthworks and installation of bentonite silos are being done in preparations for the commencement of the diaphragm wall construction. Special care will be taken during the construction to minimize the movement of the existing NSL bored tunnels which come inches in proximity to the proposed cut and cover tunnel.

Casting works are being carried out for the slab over the launch shaft and northern section of the station box, which will employ a top-down construction method. The diaphragm wall construction continues at the southern end of the station box.

Demolishment of OFS for the construction of the cut and cover tunnel

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Piling at Napier (IV)

The second traffic diversion has taken place last month. The junction with Cluny Road has been shifted towards Gleneagles Hospital for the secant bored pile works beneath the former road. The third traffic diversion, which should be prepared by the next quarter, will see the major realignment of the city-bound carriageway along the S-bend.

The launch shaft has completed excavation works and the base slab has been cast.

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Stevens D-walls (III)

D-walling works continue at the Stevens station, with a partial realignment of the northbound carriageway in November for the construction of the diaphragm wall in the center of the road. Piling works continue for the pipe jacking machine launching shaft at SCGS.

Over at the Mount Pleasant launch shaft, the Changi-bound TBM has completed assembly within the shaft and is likely in the midst of finalizing the electrical components - resulting in a delay faced by its sister machines at T208. The Woodlands-bound TBM is in the process of assembly at the completed Dalvey launch shaft.

Lowering of the NFM slurry TBM at the Dalvey Launch Shaft - December 21

Monday 21 December 2015

Piling at Mount Pleasant (V)

The secant bored pile retaining system at Mount Pleasant is almost completed and excavation works will commence from the next quarter onward. The herrenknecht slurry TBM has arrived at the site in preparations of the tunnelling works toward Caldecott.

Arrival of the Herrenknecht mixshield segments at the launch shaft accompanied with an assembled portal crane

Sunday 20 December 2015

Caldecott Excavation (III)

Excavation works are nearly completed at the Caldecott Station. 6 layers of struts have been installed across the span of the station. Similarly on the opposite end of Toa Payoh West, the southern section of the cripple siding tunnel has almost reached the formation level and a gantry crane has been installed to facilitate the remaining muck removal and subsequent mining works.

Saturday 19 December 2015

Upper Thomson D-walls (III)

The diaphragm wall along the north wall has completed and the 2nd stage of traffic diversion is being implemented in phases, after which the d-walling works would continue along the center of the road. The road realignments are facilitated in tandem with the phase-by-phase construction of the new canal, which will sit on the roof of the Upper Thomson station box.

Friday 18 December 2015

Piling at Bright Hill (V)

Piling works for the launch shafts and cut and cover tunnels have completed and the team is preparing for the commencement of excavation. Sin Ming Walk was realigned last month to facilitate the remaining SBP works along the station box. Piling works have also commenced on entrances C and D at the front facade of block 402 and 403.

A secondary storage site has been created beside the site office along the Bishan-AMK park, where 1 of the 4 Kawasaki TBMs for the project have been delivered.

Completed SBP at the north C&C tunnel, casting of capping beam and S1 installation works in preparation for excavation

Thursday 17 December 2015

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Lentor Excavation (II)

Excavation to the basement roof slab of the Lentor station has completed and RC works are currently prepared for the subsequent concreting. The zone 1A section that had been concreted in September has been de-strut and backfilled, which made way for a minor realignment of Lentor Loop for the remaining d-walling works to be facilitated north.

Excavation of the launch shaft has completed and the RC works for the base slab is being carried out. The pre-assembled gantry beam is present at the portal surface. Phase 1 of the subway link beneath Yio Chu Kang Road has been backfilled and the sheet piles are currently being extracted.

The project team has begun preparations for the impending second realignment of this intersection.

Aerial view of Lentor Station

Monday 14 December 2015

Tagore Cast

Excavation at the Tagore cut and cover tunnel has completed and the base slab has been concreted between GL5-7. Excavation of the tunnels between TGR and LTR are progressing. The Woodlands bound tunnel is now at ring 99 (12% completed). The TBM boring the Changi bound tunnel is experiencing problematic ground conditions over the past month, and regular interventions are being carried out to unclog the cutters (ring 60, 7% completed)

TBM B is in the process of assembly works at the second launch shaft and tunnelling works to Springleaf for the Woodlands Bound tunnel should start by January.

Assembly works for TBM B

Saturday 12 December 2015

Springleaf D-walls & Piles (III)

The final D-wall panel for the Springleaf station was completed this week. Bored pile works and the deep cement mixing ground improvement activities continue across the station footprint, and the breakthrough point of the TBM drives from Tagore. Excavation works for the station will start around February after all ground improvement works have completed.

Meanwhile, excavation works have commenced along the service corridors for the ventilation shafts beneath the road decking, as well as entrance C.

Completion of the diaphragm wall at Springleaf station (December 2015)

Thursday 10 December 2015

T207 - TBM Assembly

Both EPB machines at the Springleaf launch shaft have been lowered down. The Woodlands Bound TBM is leading in the assembly works and is expected to launch first by February. 2 gantry cranes have been installed over the launch shaft. Similarly at the SBAB launch shaft, tunnelling works are scheduled to commence soon.

Excavation at the RTS Facility Building is almost completed. Ground improvement works continue at the cross passage locations between the SPL-RTS tunnel route.

Lowering of the bearing of the Changi Bound TBM on Dec 4 (T208 site office)

Sunday 6 December 2015

Mandai Depot & T206 (II)

Tunnelling works on the mainline tunnels between LS2 and WDL are progressing well. S-893 has successfully completed the 3-week long installation of the backup gantries during the transition from the initial to main drive, and has now advanced over 70 rings. S-894 has advanced 11 rings from the launch shaft. A gantry crane has been installed over the ES1/LS1 prior to the lowering of the EPB TBM last month. The backup gantries site beneath the portal crane over the shaft, while the machine is being assembled beneath.

The entire SBAB C&C structure has reached the formation level and casting works are underway to cast the base slab. The second of STEC'S EPB pre-assembled machine has been delivered to the launch shaft and will likely commence the first drive along the reception tunnels judging from the soil investigation and preparatory works along the reception tunnel route.

The T206 team recently celebrated their 2 million accident free man-hours.

Portal crane and backup gantries in preparations of tunnelling works at LS1

Thursday 3 December 2015

Woodlands South Cast

The partial basement roof slab of the Woodlands South station is almost completed. Backfilling is underway near the junction of drive 16 around block 542 and 588. The section of roof slab near block 541 is still being prepared to be cast. Following which, we can expect a realignment of Avenue 1 for the remaining permanent top-down construction phase to be carried out.

Preparations for the realignment of Avenue 1 can be expected by the first quarter of 2016.

Woodlands South Station

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Woodlands Excavation (II)

Excavation works have commenced across the station box. Removal of the top soil reveals a coarse ground conditions at a shallow formation. The rock head of the Bukit Timah Granite is extremely high around the site and extensive rock blasting can be expected throughout the course of the excavation works over the next year.

The previously-excavated section of the crossover tunnel has now been decked over in accommodation of the impending traffic realignment of the Avenue 2/5 junction. The remaining half of the crossover tunnel will then be constructed after the diversion has taken place.

The temporary bus interchange is almost ready and on track to open around January.

T203, Woodlands Excavation works