Monday 31 August 2015

Woodlands North - TBM Assembly

The first Kawasaki slurry TBM has been assembled at Woodlands North for the T202 project. Supporting the impending tunnelling works are the installation of the backup gantries and gantry cranes at the launch shaft. The 2nd TBM has also been delivered to the site. Tunnelling should commence by the end of the year.

Excavation of the crossover tunnel adjacent to the launch shaft is about complete, and its site is temporarily housing the backup gantries for both TBMs. The formation level of the tunnel here matches the existing ground level of the site due to the earthworks slope treatment and the natural shallow design of this project. Rockheads are visible on either sides of the structure.

Piling works are ongoing at the station box and north crossover tunnel.

T202 Woodlands North, August 31
Assembly of TBM1

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Tunnelling Commences for Thomson Line

The first tunnel boring machine (TBM) for the Thomson Line has commenced mining works at the Tagore site. An issue with the TBM's internal electrical systems delayed the inaugural tunnelling by several weeks. Nonetheless, the achievement of this significant milestone is one to be joyous among the Leighton-John Holland & NFM team.

The TBM has started the drive on the Woodlands Bound tunnel towards the Lentor Station. The geological conditions along the tunnel route consist mostly of residual soil of the Bukit Timah Granite (Grade VI), with minimal occasions of fill along the crown and weathered granite along the bench and invert. The excavation works should take around 11 months to complete, varying on the progress of the tunnel drive.

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, August 26 2015
TBM1 (right) in launching position at end July - NFM Technologies 
TBM2 & TBM1 this month - John Holland

NFM TBM - Factory Acceptance (II)

The first slurry TBM for T216, and the fourth overall produced by NFM for the Thomson Line project has passed its factory acceptance test last week. The machine should be delivered to the site by the Q4 of this year. Tunnelling works for the project should commence around the first or second quarter following the assembly of the STP and ancillary equipments.

FAT signed by representatives from NFM, NHI, LTA and Daewoo

Monday 24 August 2015

Civil Team 3 Newsletters

Below are newsletters provided by the Civil Team 3 public relations team over the past several months. The frequency of the updates provided by each individual contractor fluctuates, however would be consolidated and updated on the blog once to twice a year. For more recent updates and photographs of on-site photos, I do recommend heading down directly to the PIC at Woodlands or Grange Road which is open throughout office hours on weekdays.

This blog is operated independently with no funding or affiliation with the client.

Friday 7 August 2015

August Tunnel Progress

Project T208
The second NFM TBM for the project was lowered down into the launch shaft on July 24, with assembly works almost completed. The delay in commencement of tunnelling works from the first machine were due to irregularities within the electrical system of the TBM which do not meet the local authority requirements.

The electrical system has been reworked around the end of July and mining works for TBM 1 should commence by this month.

Project T206
The second Herrenknecht mixshield S-894 was lowered down the LS2 on August 4. It's sister machine S-893 is similarly expected to commence tunnelling works by this month.

4 TBMs for the Thomson Line have been lowered down into their respective launch shafts thus far.

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, 7 August 2015