Thursday, 7 December 2017

Tagore - SWC Handover

The system wide contract (SWC) works have started with the partial site handover from T208. Backfilling works are in progress across the remaining 57m portion around the north launch shaft, together with the RC works for the Changi bound trackway portal structure.

Tagore Site handed over to SWCs between GL5-16
SWC boundaries around the Tagore staging ground
Perimeter fence being installed. CTCI gantry rails installed across the completed span of the station. Preassembled gantry crane on site
Walkway alongside the Woodlands bound trackway (Photo: LTA)
Backfilling works around the completed tunnel structure at the launch shaft to Springleaf
RC structure for the Track-Surface portal opening being cast for the Changi bound trackway

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