Saturday, 9 December 2017

Lentor - Tunnelling Completes

Bored tunnelling works for TBM 1 completed earlier this week, concluding the 18 months long Changi bound tunnel drive from Lentor to Mayflower station through the 5XO site. Its sister TBM 2 is 91% out of the 970-ring drive and targeted to complete by the end of the month. The tunnel roof structure of the 5XO is completed and backfilling works have commenced. Structural works for the station entrances are progressing on the surface level.

Lentor Station
Entrance A RC structure from roof slab to ground level
Tunnel ventilation & escape staircase 1 built together with the entrance

Entrance B ground sla

Entrance C

RC works within the launch shaft
RC works for entrance D concourse walls

90 ring balance for TBM 2 to completion
Entrance E
Backfilling works over subway & RC works at ground level

5XO site
Tunnel roof slab cast

Tunnel roof structure at the crossover point

Commencement of backfilling works at the north end
5XO site

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