Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Springleaf - Basic Structure Completion

Casting of the station's roof slab has almost entirely completed and waterproofing works are in progress. RC works for the roof-ground level structure at the entrances and ventilation shafts have also taken place. The team has taken back possession of the launch shaft from T207 with structural works of the tunnel in progress. Backfilling works will commence from the next quarter onwards, and the realignment of Upper Thomson Road will take place after the hacking of the d-wall panels.

Completed roof slab at Springleaf Station
Vent shaft, tunnel ventilation & emergency staircase structure 1

Entrance C RC works from roof slab to surface level
Steel deck over the completed roof slab at the south end of the station

Entrance B structure to ground level. RC works for the remaining roof slab towards entrance C
Temporary shaft opening through the roof slab down to the station

Waterproofing coat being applied over the roof slab

RC works for the tunnel wall construction

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