Friday, 15 December 2017

Stevens Diverts (IV)

The final and semi-permanent traffic diversion stage 5 has been implemented, which sees the worksite for the basement excavation and casting works situated in the center of both carriageway following the completion of the entire station roof slab. This layout is rarely preferred as it severely limits the working space and site movement of the construction activities, however necessary as the most optimal solution so as to not disrupt access from the residential apartments and side roads along both sides of the road.

Excavation works at the station to the concourse slab is in progress with the first section of the concourse slab cast. D-walling works are in progress at entrance B. The RTBM drive is almost completed and will reach the escalator shaft wall within the next few days.

Stevens station with TD5 implemented
Aerial view of station
D-wall works in progress at entrance B after the removal of silos at the site

Roof slab opening 1 at the south-most end of the station
RC works in progress for the concourse slab
Second opening access with the telescopic clamshell excavator on site
Excavation works in progress
Beneath opening 2
First section of concourse slab completed

Opening 1

2 more access openings will gradually be constructed at the north end of the station
Entrance A
Station site plan view

RTBM launch shaft
Segment yard

The 37 segment drive is almost completed
Completion of RTBM tunnelling (Dec 16)
TBM beneath the canal
Escalator shaft
TBM 4 relaunched in mid Nov. 60 ring initial drive has completed and in transition to main drive
TBM 4 Changi Bound tunnel drive to Napier
TBM 3 crossing 300 rings on the Woodlands bound side

TBM 1 and TBM 2 progress from Mount Pleasant
Site location of the TBMs and the ongoing grouting works along the Pan Island Expressway
TBM 1 has restarted mining works beneath the PIE after over-excavation & boulders hindered the progress for over 3 months.

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