Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Orchard Cast (V)

RC works are in progress at entrance B & bored pile works are in progress at entrance C.

Orchard Station
Acoustic barriers replaced with shorter hoardings at the road facade
Works beneath ION orchard

Linkway excavation works completed beneath Orchard Boulevard (Photo: Bachy Soletanche/Jason Aung)
Subway link

SBP works at entrance C

RC works at entrance B concourse level

TBM dismantling works at launch shaft and preparations for FSC on 2nd tunnel
Station overview
Cut and cover tunnel overview
Structure completed for the Woodlands bound temporary track-to-ground staging portal

Formwork for the cripple siding staging pit

Both portals will be used to facilitate trackworks when the site is handed over to T250 around the middle of 2018

Structure of the remaining cut and cover tunnel roof

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