Monday, 10 September 2018

Stevens - TBM 2 Completes

Excavation works for the Woodlands bound tunnel from Mount Pleasant to Stevens completed today with the docking of TBM 2 outside the d-wall of the station. The NFM slurry machine was launched in September 2016, having spent the last 2 years completing the 1.44km tunnel drive. The final month of tunnelling works proceeded cautiously between the stacked DTL tunnels, as well as beneath the Wayang Satu Flyover and Bukit Timah Canal.

Its sister machine is approximately 100m behind and is similarly scheduled to dock at the station next month.

TEL3 Tunnel Chart - September 2018
Docking of TBM 2 (left) at the D-wall of Stevens Station (Photo: Oop Pocca)

Friday, 17 August 2018

LTA Update (Q2 2018)

T205 Woodlands South Station. Escalators installed between the paid concourse down to the platform level.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Outram Park - Tunnelling Completes

Tunnelling works for the T222 project have completed following the breakthrough of the third drive (TBM 1 refurbished) along the Woodlands Bound tunnel on Apr 27 and the fourth drive (TBM 2 refurbished) along the Changi Bound tunnel on Jun 21 between Outram Park and Havelock Station (800m).

This is the final tunnel to be completed under the C4 team, and the second final project along the overall line to complete bored tunnel excavation works.

Breakthrough of the NFM EPBM at Havelock Station, Woodlands Bound (April 27, Photo: Ram)