Monday, 5 March 2018

Woodlands South - Basic Structure Completion

The station achieved full basic structural completion with final portion of roof slab cast at the beginning of the year. The remaining concourse and roof slabs have also been constructed at the temporary access pits. RC structural works for entrance B & D have completed, and trackworks have also progressed through the station from SBAB.

Installation of steel lift frame and backfilling of earth around entrance A
Ventilation shaft 1 and cooling tower RC superstructure works beside entrance A

Entrance B structure completed to ground level

Concourse and roof slab constructed at the temporary access pits
Platform - Concourse lift frames installation at the center of the station. Trackworks are progressing towards Woodlands

Entrance D structure completed to ground level. Lift frame installed.

Final portion of roof slab was completed around entrance C, completing the main structural works at the station
Temporary steel deck dismantled for the RC works for entrance C above the roof slab to proceed

Ventilation structure 2 next to the entrance
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