Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Launch Shafts Backfill

The Mandai Depot is nearing completion with the final structural steel works completed. Fit-out and trackworks continue, with the commencement of landscaping, fencing and driveway works since the beginning of the year. The delivery of the first passenger train to the depot is scheduled in June.

Backfilling works for LS2 and the Sembawang Airbase C&C tunnel site, as well as casting of the escape shaft 1 structure have completed to ground level. Demobilization of the T206 sites are underway.

Mandai Depot
Landscaping and pavement works around the tunnel portal structure
Tunnel ventilation fans at the portals for RT3-RT1
Reception tracks and test tracks alongside the ancillary buildings
Load Center 1
Permanent Way Workshop
66kV substation
Fencing works around the depot
Staging ground
Main Workshop

Ancillary Building 3

Driveway from the main workshop
Fencing works around the depot
Tracks from the workshop towards the rail administration building
Manual and automatic trainwash structure

Turnback tracks for the trainwash beneath the rail administration building

Fit-out, fencing and landscaping works around the rail administration building.
Architectural works at the building in February (Photo: Amxon)

Entrance driveway construction into the depot
Pavement construction at Mandai Road

Bus Depot

Backfilling works largely completed at Sembawang Airbase. Earthworks in progress for the site demobilization
LS2 backfilled

Permanent tunnel segments constructed within the launch shaft prior to backfill
STP dismantling
Escape Shaft 1 constructed along RT3

Earth filled around the escape shaft structure

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