Saturday, 31 March 2018

Great World - Tunnelling Completes

RC works are in progress at the station and entrances, with pipe jacking works for the subway beneath Kim Seng Road underway. Both Changi-bound tunnels to Havelock and Orchard have completed, wrapping up tunnelling works for the project.

Breakthrough of Herrenknecht S-946 at Havelock Station on March 27, completing the Mixshield's second and final 500m Changi bound tunnel drive between both stations (Photo: Padraig Higgins, HK)
TEL3 Tunnel Chart, March 2018
Diversion of the westbound carriageway of River Valley Road for the subway sheet pile construction
Entrance B
Completed tunnelling works at north launch shaft
RC works for the station internal structure

Completed tunnelling works at the south launch shaft
Pipe jacking works in progress beneath Kim Seng Road
Herrenknecht micro TBMs facilitating the pipe jacking works through old abandoned sheet piles

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