Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Stevens Excavation

Excavation works for the station have reached the mezzanine level and are proceeding down to the platform level. The concourse slab has been fully cast, with RC works taking place at the mezzanine slab and mezzanine service slab. Preliminary works have started for entrance E at the Downtown Line structure which will form the basement 1 link to the TEL concourse.

Stevens Station
Plan view of station

D-wall at Entrance B completed, sheet piling works in progress

Excavation works at station
Excavation opening 4
Structure progress from top to bottom (Basement roof slab, Concourse slab, Mezzanine slab, Mezzanine services slab)
Excavation works progressing down to the platform level
Excavation opening 3
Preparations for excavation works down to mezzanine service level
Formwork for concourse wall casting

Completed concourse slab
Skinwall casting at concourse level
Excavation opening 2
RC works at mezzanine slab
Concourse paid area

Excavation opening 1
Excavation at Entrance A and vent structure 1

Entrance A at concourse level
Excavation works for ventilation structure at entrance A down to mezzanine level
Commencement of works at Entrance E at DTL station
Hoardings surrounding the front facade of the DTL with preliminary diversion and alteration works being carried out to the DTL structure
Escalator Shaft base slab casting works

Entrance C & D site

RTBM dismantled
Entrance C staircase cast
Completed underpass structure with TBM dismantled
Cutterhead interface at the escalator shaft
T216 Evans Road storage site at the former DTL site office
Storage of replacement shield for TBM 3 for the line's final TBM drive between Dalvey LS and Stevens Station next year
Launch shaft 10
TBM 1 at Ring 478. TBM 2 at Ring 472
MPS (LS10) to STV Station TBM progress
STV to NPR TBM progress. TBM 3 at R268, TBM 4 at R402 (beneath Nassim Road)

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