Sunday, 4 March 2018

Woodlands - Basic Structure Completion

The final zone of roof slab has been constructed, completing the main structural works at the station. Dismantling of the temporary struts, kingposts, waler beams as well as the striking of falsework are in progress following which the station would achieve the BSC. Structural works for entrance F have also completed to the threshold level - the first among all 5 entrances.

Woodlands Station
Overhead linkway works at NSL

Roof slab completed for unpaid link to entrance B. Opening in roof slab for ventilation shaft 3
Rebar works for roof slab at subway
Subway linking TEL unpaid concourse to entrance B
Subway slab for Entrance B inside the bus interchange (Photo: LTA)
Roof slab completed with opening for entrance A and paid linkway. Striking of falsework & dismantling of struts

Column stubs protruding at the roof slab

Cooling tower & ventilation shaft 1
Ventilation shaft 3

Completed roof slab zone over crossover tunnel

Entrance E RC works at concourse level up to roof slab

Entrance F structure completed

Entrance G roof slab completed
RC works for ground beam in progress.

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