Thursday, 15 March 2018

Upper Thomson Cast (III)

Excavation works by TBM 3 concluded earlier this week, completing the 960-ring Woodlands Bound tunnel between the Upper Thomson Launch Shaft and Caldecott Station. TBM 2 will similarly arrive in a month's time, thereafter concluding tunnelling works for the first 2 stages of the line.

Casting of the station, entrances and ventilation structures are progressing, with basic structure of the station targeted to be achieved after the next quarter.

Completion of the 1.35km Woodlands bound tunnel bored by TBM 3 between ULS and Caldecott Station
Breakthrough of the Japanese TBM at Caldecott Station on March 12, 2018, concluding 16 months of tunnelling works
TEL1&2 Tunnel Progress, March 2018
Upper Thomson Station
RC works for entrance B from concourse to ground level

Superstructure works for ventilation structure 3
Vent shaft 3
Casting works for entrance A and ventilation structure 2 to ground level

Plan view of vent shaft 3, Entrance A and vent shaft 2

Construction of ventilation superstructure 1 (left) at entrance D site

Entrance D
Cooling tower RC superstructure above entrance C

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