Saturday, 3 March 2018

Woodlands North Fit-Out

Structure of the north crossover tunnel has been completed. Preparations for the realignment of Admiralty Road West is in progress over the completed structure with implementation due by June. The remaining RC structure for the overrun tunnel will proceed following the road reinstatement. 

RC superstructure works are in progress at the 2 ventilation structures. Structure of entrance D is mostly completed, and fit out works within the station are being carried out.

Woodlands North
Reconstruction of drainage and sidewalk along Admiralty Road West over the completed crossover tunnel (westbound carriageway)

Reinstatement of Admiralty Road west will allow for the construction of the remaining overrun tunnel and subsequent turnout construction to T232
Portal opening of the Changi Bound tunnel to the overrun tunnel
Completed north crossover tunnel structure

Station box

Cooling tower and ventilation structure 1 superstructure RC works
Entrance D stairwell structure completed. Ground perimeter beam casting.
Entrance C RC works to ground level

Ventilation structure 2 at ground level

South crossover tunnel earthworks
Launch shaft filling

Woodlands St 91
Earthworks east of T202

Multiple boulders exposed around the excavation

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