Saturday, 17 March 2018

Caldecott - Basic Structure Completion

The station has achieved completion of the basic structure ahead of schedule with the temporary supports dismantled. Fitting works will begin within the station. Casting of the entrances and ventilation structures are progressing at ground level, with backfilling works at the cripple siding cut and cover tunnel sites nearly completed.

T213 Caldecott Site

RC works at entrance C from concourse to threshold level

RC works at entrance D from concourse to threshold level

RC works at ventilation structure 1 to ground level
Plan view of vent shaft 1
RC works of skylight shaft structure over the basement roof slab

Platform level of Caldecott Station (Photo: LTA)
Entrance A and ventilation structure 2 cast over the basement roof slab to ground level. Waterproofing works being done.
Entrance A
Falsework for ventilation superstructure behind the entrance
Completed basement roof slab and dismantling of temporary works for the main station structure
Cut and cover tunnel 1 site completely backfilled and compacted

Dismantling of shoring system at cut and cover tunnel 2 site, backfilling works in progress 

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