Sunday, 18 March 2018

Mount Pleasant - Basic Structure Completion

The station achieved the basic structure completion at the beginning of the year, with backfilling works done up. RC works for the entrance and ventilation structures are progressing at ground level. 

A completed portion of the staging ground has been hoarded up in preparation for partial handover to T250. The remaining uncompleted portion around launch shaft 9 will be handed over following the complete dismantling of the TBM, backfilling and casting of the trackwork access opening.

Backfilled compacted hardcores over the completed station structure
Dismantling of T215 STP. The site will house the upcoming CTCI site office for trackworks
Entrance B and ventilation structure 2

Entrance A and vent structure 1

Launch shaft 9
Dismantling of S-936 TBM cutterhead interface at the Caldecott cut and cover tunnel (Photo: Myothant)
Tail and mid shield dismantling works (Photo: Myothant)
Dismantling of backup gantries (Photo: Myothant)
Hoarded up portion of staging ground

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