Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Woodlands North Cast (II)

Casting work continues at the Woodlands North site. All ground improvement works have been cleared at the north crossover tunnel site and casting works are commencing there. To the south, casting works for the south crossover tunnel roof and walls are nearly completed. The underplatform level of the station box has been completed.

Casting ongoing at the south crossover tunnel
Waterproofing works to the roof

Casting of the tunnel walls and platform level of the station

M&E plant rooms at the south wall of the platform

Platform being cast with openings to the underplatform level for the escalator landings

Casting of the tunnel walls and north wall plant rooms
Overview of the station (East facing)
Commencement of casting works at the north crossover tunnel site
Adjacent overrun tunnel site beneath Admiralty Road West

Launch shaft
Dismantled STPs and demobilization of tunnelling equipment following the completion of both TBMs
Concrete supply pipe (photo: meniro2004)
First stage concreting works (photo: meniro2004)
Aerial overview

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