Monday, 19 December 2016

Stevens Diverts (III)

The next phase of traffic diversion at the station will be implemented along the southbound carriageway by the end of the month for the next phase of the diaphragm wall construction. The diaphragm wall works for entrance C/D and the escalator shaft have completed and started respectively.

Roof slab completed over the center zone for the upcoming Stage 3A traffic diversion
Removal of lamp post
RC works for the roof slab last month
Waterproofing works

Base course construction for the road pavement
Ground improvement works at the north zone
Entrance B

Stage 3A traffic diversion overview 
Subsequent stage 3B traffic diversion
Entrance C/D

Low head d-walling works at the escalator shaft
LS10 at Mount Pleasant

Temporary ring dismantled for TBM 2 (right) for main drive conversion
TBM 1 main drive in progress

TEL 3 Tunnel Chart, December 2016
Dalvey Launch Shaft
TBM 4 conversion to main drive (backup gantries lowered)
TBM 4 initial drive (prior to conversion/temp ring dismantling)

TBM 3 main drive (110+ rings)
Sinking shaft construction for CP2


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