Friday, 9 December 2016

Mandai Depot - Trackwork Begins

Commencement of the line's largest system-wide contract, led by CTCI for the design, supply, construction, testing and commissioning of trackwork and third rail system, took place this quarter with the staging ground prepared at the Mandai Depot. This is the second back-to-back trackwork project awarded to the Taiwanese contractor, with a smooth transition of resources expected from the recently completed Downtown Line 3.

Structure for the stabling yard, bus parking deck and perimeter wall mostly completed
RC works for the last section of the stabling yard
RC works for the rail administration building

RC works for the manual and automatic train wash
Trackwork underway at the the test track and locomotive workshop

Trackwork staging ground at the MDD
Storage of concrete sleepers 

Construction of the main workshop and permanent way workshop
Main workshop
Permanent Way workshop
PWS Photo: LTA
66Kv substation
Load center and ancillary buildings
RC works for the reception tunnel portal
MDD overview
Sembawang Airbase C&C tunnel casting

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, December 2016
Initial drive of TBM 5 for RT2 tunnel
TBM 5 assembly for relaunch last month

TBM 4's shield abandoned in-situ just outside Woodlands South station during drive 1
FSC works
Formation of tunnel eye for TBM 3 Changi bound drive to Woodlands South
Initial drive commenced this week
Lowering of temporary rings (photo: meniro2004)
TBM 3 initial drive
3rd replacement shield for TBM 4 for the final Woodlands bound drive to Woodlands South
S-893 main drive for RT3 tunnel towards Woodlands

Replacement POB at Avenue 2 completed earlier this year

Ground improvement works for RT3 tunnel (TBM S-893)

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