Saturday, 5 November 2016

November Tunnel Progress

Tunnelling works for the line have been ongoing for 15 months now. 11 bored tunnels have been completed.

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, November 2016
T202 - Breakthrough of TBM 2 at Woodlands Station on October 10. This is the first contract to complete all bored tunnel excavation
T206 - Second assembly of TBM 3 at LS2
T206 - CP4 Excavation at Woodlands Bound tunnel to Woodlands beneath Innova JC
T207 - TBM 1 tunnel drive from Springleaf is halfway completed (Photo: LTA)
T208 - CP8D Top head excavation between completed TGR-LTR tunnels (Photo: LTA)

T209 - Breakthrough of TBM 1 at the 5XO site (Nov 11). The TBM will be jacked to the opposite end of the crossover tunnel and relaunched to Mayflower

TEL 3 Tunnel Chart (November 2016)
T217 - S-930 tunnel drive to Orchard Boulevard (Photo: LTA)
T219 - S-963 tunnel drive to Orchard Boulevard (Photo: LTA)
T221 - Box jacking tunnel is now estimated to complete by end of this month following complexities with cutter intervention (Photo: LTA)
T225 - TBM 2 towards Shenton Way station (Photo: LTA)
T225 - Completion of tunnelling works for TBM 2 on November 19
T226 - Adit tunnel 1 construction using open shield TBM (Photo: LTA)

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