Thursday, 22 December 2016

Orchard Excavation

Excavation and casting work continues at the Orchard site.

Bulk excavation works in full swing at the cut and cover tunnel
D-wall works

Bottom up excavation works across the CCT

Progress is skewed with excavation at the S4 layer towards the station interface

Excavation works at the station
RC works at the concourse (Photo: Bachy Soletanche)
Replacement TBM shields and cutter stored at the shaft surface
Mining works beneath Orchard Boulevard road
Bored pile works along ION
Stage 5 traffic diversion (3-phase diversion for the SBP construction of the unpaid linkway to Wheelock) implemented
TBM S-963 main drive now past 200 rings (Changi bound ~50% completed) (Photo: Bachy Soletanche)

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