Thursday, 15 December 2016

Piling at Bright Hill (VII)

Bored pile works at the south side of the station are completing as tunnelling works for all 4 TBMs are underway.

Realignment of westbound carriageway over the completed pile zones

Main drive underway for TBM 2
Main drive underway for TBM 1

Bored pile works at Entrance D
Excavation works at the south side should commence by the beginning of next year

Entrance B 
Basement roof slab adjacent to station box completed 
Station box
Entrance C excavation
Excavation pit for the subsequent station excavation works
North cut and cover tunnel
RC works for north cut and cover tunnel

Station box north wall
North launch shafts
Tunnel segments for TBM 3
Main drive underway for TBM 3
Tunnel segments for TBM 4

Initial drive of TBM 4

POB at AMK Avenue 3 opened this week
Dismantling works of existing POB earlier this week
First beam dismantled this morning. 6th POB to be demolished. (Photo: Asiagroup Crane)

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