Thursday, 22 December 2016

Great World Cast (II)

Preparations for the heavy lifting works for the lowering of the project's first Herrenknecht TBM is underway now with the arrival of the 1200t Demag mobile crane. Lowering of the TBM will be completed by Christmas and tunnelling works for the Woodlands bound drive to Orchard station should commence around the later part of 1Q17. Excavation works for the station have reached the first basement (roof) level and casting works are underway.

Unveiling of EPBM S-945 and delivery of counterweights for heavy lifting mobilization
TBM cutterhead, rear and mid shields with the 1200t crane in the background
Asiagroup Crane Demag AC1000-9 (Photo: Singapore Hydraulic Crane Club)
Cradle positioned for the Woodlands bound drive
RC base slab works for Entrance B & subway

Rebar works

Basement roof slab rebar works

RC works for the excavation pit wall
Excavation works

Assembled gantry crane at the south launch shaft
RC works for the south launch shaft

GWC entrance
Lifting of cutterhead on Christmas Eve (Photo: Padraig Higgins)

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