Friday, 1 September 2017

Woodlands North Cast (V)

Structural works for the station box are largely completed at the roof level and BSC is targeted by the end of the year. Casting of the north crossover tunnel is ongoing.

T202 Site overview
Overrun tunnel structure

North crossover tunnel

Plan view
External wall of station (East facade)
Station box - North end falsework at concourse level service rooms for casting to roof level
Entrance D and casting of wall at GL5 separating public and service area
Cross section of station box with completed roof slab from GL7-16
Entrance C, external wall and roof slab construction from GL16
Rebar works for roof slab casting works at GL17-21 above south end of concourse public area
Completed structure of the station to roof level (GL7-24)
South crossover tunnel filling
Site overview
Launch shaft & Woodlands St 91

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