Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bright Hill Cast

Bored tunnelling works for the project were completed 2 weeks back with the docking of TBM 1 at the Upper Thomson Station, completing all 4 TBM drives under the scope of works. Preparations for the T211 tunnelling works extensively involved the challenging construction of 4 staggered launch shafts, 2 STPs, reconstruction of 2 POBs and ground improvement works beneath Block 258 at Ang Mo Kio.

Casting of the concourse slab is largely completed at the station box, with excavation works proceeding down to the platform level at certain zones. Casting of the Cross Island Line tunnels at the north end of the station box are progressing in tandem with the RC works at the concourse level. Backfilling works are underway over the completed north cut and cover tunnel structure.

Bright Hill Station
TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart (September 2017)
Completion of tunnelling works by TBM 1 at Upper Thomson station (Aug 29)
TBM 1 dismantling works in progress
TBM 2 (Woodlands bound)

Commencement of excavation at Entrance D
Subway D to concourse level cast

Excavation works of station to concourse level
Entrance B

Roof and concourse slab cast

Entrance C base slab works

Excavation works at station box

Excavation works to platform level

RC works for the Cross Island Line tunnel walls at the north end of the TEL concourse level
Tunnel ventilation and vent shaft service structure constructed beside the CRL tunnels

Backfilling works at north cut and cover tunnel
TBM 3 portal
TBM 4 portal

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