Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Sembawang Airbase Backfill

Backfilling works are underway at SBAB upon completion of the tunnel roof structure. As the installation of the SWC brackets in the tunnels complete by the next quarter, the interlinking tunnel structure within each launch shaft will be cast to provide a complete substructure tunnel linkage across TEL1 for trackworks to proceed on to the reception tracks and mainline from Mandai Depot.

S1-S2 removal with concurrent backfilling works at Sembawang Airbase C&C
Base slab casting works at LS4 upon handover back from T207

Tunnel wall construction towards LS3 side
Refurbished TBMs at contractor yard for Mumbai Metro Line 3
Storage yard at LS4
ES2 surface construction
Woodlands Avenue 12
LS1 & LS2 site
Dismantled gantry crane over LS1
Escape shaft for RT3 will begin construction by the next quarter
Dismantled Herrenknecht backup gantries and gantry crane
Opening at the docking of S-893 at T203 Woodlands (RT3) upon excavation to formation level
Dismantled STEC EPBM over LS2

Final TBM 4 that had docked at Woodlands South
Mandai Depot
Stabling Yard
Rail Admin Building

Load Centre 2

Train wash

Main Workshop

Trackwork Staging Area
Temporary track leading from TSA to Depot

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