Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Caldecott Cast (V)

Structure of the station is set to be completed by the end of the year as the station's roof slab gets cast concurrent with the strut dismantling works. Works will now focus on the backfilling and superstructure works on the new entrances, together with the A&A works at the Circle Line concourse and subsequent closure and conversion of the existing entrance A into an emergency escape staircase.

Caldecott Station
Entrance C

Entrance D
Concourse slab completed at the north end of the station

CCL interface

Sunlight opening through the completed roof slab down to the station
Completed roof slab zone with S1 struts dismantled
New Caldecott entrnace A to replace the existing CCL entrance (background)
Top down of entrance A with skylight opening down to the concourse level
Formwork for the ventilation shaft and escape staircase from the basement roof slab to the surface
Overview of station area
Cripple siding tunnel 

Casting of tunnel wall structure for the center mined tunnel

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