Sunday, 3 September 2017

Woodlands Cast (IV)

Casting of the station's concourse slab is largely completed and works are proceeding up to the roof level. Excavation works at the crossover tunnel site have completed facilitating the breakthrough of the T206 tunnels.

T203 Woodlands 
Transfer link overview
Columns for the overhead linkway from the NSL platform
Atrium at ground level with constructed lift and escalator pits
Escalator pits at the paid link end of the station concourse
Subway works to the bus interchange
Excavation works for the unpaid link within the bus interchange

Concourse slab largely completed across the station box
Construction of roof slab 
Roof slab completed
Casting of roof slab over the platform area
Casting of concourse slab at the zone adjacent to the crossover tunnel
Crossover tunnel interface

Excavation works completed at the crossover tunnel
Entrance F & crossover tunnel site
Entrance F

Entrance G
Excavation works at the S3 layer

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