Monday, 25 September 2017

Stevens - RTBM Assembly

Assembly works are in progress for the second launch of the compressed-air Rectangular TBM along Whitley Road. The TBM has been reused following the successful completion of the subway structure at T221 Havelock last November. The 37-segment drive is scheduled to start next month and be completed by the end of the year, following which the TBM will be dismantled and proceed for a third run at the TELC6 T311 Bedok South project.

Diaphragm wall works for the station structure have finally completed and casting of the roof slab is ongoing along the final zone. Traffic Diversion 4 will be implemented at the station next month in preparation of the commencement of excavation works at the station.

Assembly of 65 tonne CRTG gantry crane for the RTBM works at SCGS
Assembly works ongoing after lowering of TBM
Removal of lifting hooks welded on the TBM frame during lowering
TBM main body
Hydraulic Jacking mechanism
RTBM's 60 meters drive beneath Whitley Flyover from the entrance C/D launch shaft to the receiving end of the escalator shaft

Entrance D

Underpass segments
Intermediate shaft works beneath the southbound flyover

Escalator shaft beneath the northbound flyover

Grouting works for the station prior to excavation

Roof slab rebar works

Silos at Entrance B to be removed for the continuation of D-wall works after the next phase of road diversion
Ground improvement works

Entrance A
Station overview
Launch shaft at Mount Pleasant
Tunnelling works ongoing towards Stevens
Dalvey Launch Shaft

TBM 4 reassembly works nearly completed for the second drive towards Napier

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