Saturday, 21 March 2015

Upper Thomson Diverts

The first traffic diversion at the site of the Upper Thomson Station was implemented in February. The realignment of both carriageways to the south makes way for the initial earth retaining structural works on the north face of the station box, which should commence by next month.

At the entrance opposite Thomson Plaza, sheet piling works were carried out throughout the past month as well. The primary earth retaining structure for the entrance is now being d-walled. Silos have also been erected further up Bright Hill Drive. Piling works are now being done at the entrance of the former Thomson post office.

This post consists of the update for both the Upper Thomson Station and Upper Thomson Launch Shaft.

Update preview - Upper Thomson Launch Shaft
March 20 - Upper Thomson Station
Plan view of TD1 which is in the midst of being implemented
February 23 - Diversion of the Sembawang bound carriageway over the decked canal (Photo cr: Ngwe Than)
March 20
March 20
March 20

March 20
Acoustic hoardings have been erected, identical in design to those at Stevens with translucent panels for daylight

Entrance at Bright Hill Drive (Opp Thomson Plaza)

March 20 - D-walling
March 3 - Sheet piling works (Photo cr: Ngwe Than)
March 3 - Sheet piling (Photo cr: Ngwe Than)
March 3 - Driven sheet pile into the ground (Photo cr: Ngwe Than)
March 20 - Northern face of the station which will commence the initial ERSS work in the next few weeks
March 20 - Acoustic barriers
March 20
March 20
March 20 - Entrance at former Thomson P.O
March 20

Upper Thomson Launch Shaft (ULS)

It has been 6 months since the road had been diverted. The 3 Bauers on the site are believed to be on their final leg of piling, on the west side of the shaft. Excavation works will begin by the 3rd quarter with a target of launching the first TBM by year end. Photos here were taken on March 20.

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