Friday, 13 March 2015

Tagore Piles & Excavates (II)

The south launch shaft, together with a short portion of the adjacent cut and cover tunnel has been successfully excavated to the formation level (approx RL 99.000m). 4 layers of struttings have been constructed to support the 20m deep earth retaining structure. In addition, a pre-assembled gantry crane has been delivered and presently lies next to the shaft. The Slurry Treatment Plant (STP) has been assembled on site.

Inaugural bored tunnelling works for the Thomson Line look set to commence at the Tagore site around the middle of this year. 2 NFM Technologies TBMs will be launched from this shaft and driven 1.1km southwards to a retrieval shaft at the Lentor station. Upon breakthrough of the first tunnel, the first machine will be retrieved and re-assembled back at Tagore for a second drive towards Springleaf. 

Sites for the ground improvement works above the 3 cross passages (CP8D, CP9 & CP10) between Tagore and Lentor is evident from the aerial shots. Secant bored pile works continue around the north launch shaft and C&C tunnel.

Tagore Cut and Cover, T208

T208, Mix ground conditions along the tunnel route that the TBMs will interface (Cr: Noma)

Close up
Site of CP8D and CP9
Site of CP8D, CP9 and CP10 behind the industrial estate

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