Monday, 30 March 2015

Stevens - Deep Cement Mixing

Ground improvement works are taking place around the Stevens Station for the past couple of weeks. Due to space constraints, only a single auger has been utilized in boring around the station box for the DCM works. Across the road, hoardings have just been erected along a boundary within the SCGS campus which has been designated and temporarily acquired as part of the construction of the new underpass and entrances. This site is expected to house the launch shaft for the CREG rectangular TBM which will bore the underpass beneath the canal, and dock at the escalator shaft.

The entrances and underpass have been promised to be completed 2 years ahead of the TEL station completion, in a bid to provide better connectivity between SCGS and the then-operational Downtown Line, in addition to an earlier reinstatement to the acquired SCGS site.

D-walling works continue at the Dalvey Launch Shaft.

Update Preview - Dalvey LS
T216 Stevens Station

Cluster of silos at the former 2 Robin Close

Another cluster opposite the road

March 13
Hoardings within SCGS

Dalvey Launch Shaft
Dalvey Launch Shaft
Dalvey Launch Shaft
Dalvey Launch Shaft

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