Saturday, 7 March 2015

T206 Piles and Excavates (II)

We are pleased to share that the T206 project has achieved a half-million accident free man-hours at the beginning of this year. We review the intensive work that have been accomplished thus far.

One of the significant milestone achieved includes the deep excavation of Launch Shaft 2, and completion of the circular earth retaining structure for Launch Shaft 1. The LS2 which is 30m deep, have been dug to a depth of about 20m so far and seem to have encountered rock. LS1, which will launch out the reception tunnels, has a shallower formation level.

A treatment plant is under construction between the 2 shafts. Excavation of the shafts would have completed by our next update. We can expect the gantry cranes to be assembled and TBMs delivered to the site by then. Towards the south, piling works continue at the Sembawang Airbase C&C.

Progress of SBAB and Mandai Depot

Launch Shaft 1 (left) and Launch Shaft 2 (right)

Tunnel Chart for T206

The launch shaft 2 is aligned for an approximate horizontal drive towards Woodlands South station


Mandai Depot, ES2 & Sembawang Airbase C&C

Piling works continue at SBAB. In addition, the instrumentation contractor Ryobi continues boring holes above the tunnel routes for the installation of piezometer tubes to monitor the groundwater pressure upon the commencement of tunnelling.

Boreholes above the reception tunnel routes from SBAB

Drilling works by Ryobi ahead of the SBAB worksite
Sembawang Airbase C&C
The outline of the 4 excavation pits for the SB, RT1, RT2 and NB tunnels
Escape Shaft 2 along Avenue 12
Escape Shaft 2
Avenue 12
Escape Shaft 2
Escape Shaft 2
Escape Shaft 2
Escape Shaft 2

Mandai Depot
SBAB (left) and Mandai Depot (right)

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