Thursday, 19 March 2015

Piling at Bright Hill (II)

Bore pile works continue at the north cut and cover tunnel, with an emphasis on the north launch shaft. The linear formality of the Bauers shows the north face of the shaft being piled at the moment. The north launch shaft should commence excavation by the third quarter. Several drain diversions are also taking place around the junction of Sin Ming Walk/Avenue and the south cut and cover tunnel site.

North Cut & Cover Tunnel

View from the surface
Continuous delivery of pre fab rebars for the bore piles

Station box

Drain diversions

South Cut & Cover Tunnel

Enhancements to Block 258 Pre-tunnelling

Excavation works have commenced beneath Block 258. It is believed that the foundation of the block will be temporarily reinforced while the TBM passes beneath.

POB outside Mayflower Sec to be demolished
Hoarded up site at Blk 258
Prisms installed along the columns

Excavation works have commenced beneath the block

The entire passageway of the void deck has been hoarded up

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