Sunday, 1 March 2015

Piling at Woodlands North

We begin another quarter's update on the progress of the Thomson Line construction at Woodlands North. A long auger drilling machine has arrived onto the site and positioned near the launch shaft. Beside it, several pile casings and rebar for the bored pile lay on the site floor. A desander plant seems to be in the process of being set up as well. At the launch shaft itself, piling has commenced with a concrete bored pile guide constructed to aid the drilling process. Earthworks are still being carried out at the crossover tunnel and station box.

Aerial view of Republic Polytechnic and the Straits of Johor bounding the Woodlands North site 
Drilling machine, pile casings and rebar beside the U/C desander plant next to the launch shaft

Earthworks on going at the adjacent crossover tunnel site
Bored pile template for the launch shaft

Modification works at Woodlands Drive 91

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